tapioca dress













This is a little sample (sans impeccable embroidery) made Wednesday for our wonderful craftswomen friends in Fond de Blancs, Haiti.   Exquisite stitching is their specialty, so I left that piece for them.  Hopefully the lotus root will end up on the pocket, but who knows!   I trust those mamas to make it their own.


Mamas have a way of doing the right thing their own way.  I just think we should all walk around, trusting the mamas.


The colors & bubble layout were done by my girl Poppy Peach.  I love it!  5 years ago D was in knots outside of the Golden Boat Waldorf daycare, realizing he'd have to go in & get our son.  There was another mother there; her daughter was inside, but her son was needing to be picked up from kindergarten.  She sat there & cried on another mom's shoulder, while  D sat there & cried inside before retrieving our own sweet boy.  That was Poppy.  We've had a similar road, she & I.  Northern California hippy girls married to our dream boys from more conservative families.  She homeschooled for a few years & lives in a village community that's pretty much the Garden of Eating.  I mean Eden.   Now we share meals together as often as possible while our kids take turns being way too wild in the hammock.  This week she came over to pick up some sewing skills.    Poppy's also just trying out the blog thing, & I'm delighted because she's a thriving & beautiful wellspring of herbal, gardening, whole foods cooking & Waldorf educational knowledge.  Not to mention an open & generous heart who makes me laugh & laugh.   I'm hoping she gets into it, & so maybe you could peek over to her blog with an encouraging hey?