breakfast #30 :: mushroom-tomato-feta quesadillas (gluten free)


i hope everyone's remembering to eat their breakfasts.:)  

if i had one wish for all the world this year, it would be that every person would experience all the joys of breakfast, each & every morning.  and that the meals would give them the nourishment, strength, heart & clarity to be fully themselves, for themselves, their loved ones, & their communities.

i'm loving a little plain yogurt to replace the sour cream in the morning.  and fuji apples just for crunch.  d's the one who taught me to love each & every tortilla with a good browning in butter or earth balance.  he's right, i never skip this step now.  he's so willing to prepare for his enjoyment, like re-building & washing down a paddleboat each & every year.  i just walk outside & feel so happy i'm not into doing another thing.  but he's so right about the extra love & attention.  everything needs it.

and the great thing about giving care is that it gives energy, while giving gestures & tokens takes energy.  there's so much more impact when we put our heart into the little things, i think.  

sometimes i see this at work when i'm cooking a sure-thing for the kids, but my head is somewhere else.  they just aren't hungry.  and then when i'm all excited about a new recipe, when i take the time to put on my favorite apron, or better yet, to put the boys' aprons on them, they'll eat nearly anything.  but tomatoes & mushrooms, not so much right now.  it's a grownup breakfast, i hear.