**tutorial galore**

Everything Your Mama Made :: 78+ Kid's Tutorials 

Meet Me At Mike's! :: 25 Things to Sew for a Much Cuter Lunchtime

More HUGE Thank You's to these two wonderlands of craft ideas for including Urban Organica in their tutorials last year. Everything Your Mama Made has mad lists of tutorial links, from nursing needs to boy's clothes - please do check it out!  Meet Me at a Mikes is a delicious Aussie site full of vintage & handmade deliciousness.  Oh, I just used "delicious" twice without even trying.  It must be that good...Again, I'll be sharing my favorite bits from their sites over the next couple of weeks. 

I'm floating around here in a mass of blankets, pillows & little people while D is in Buffalo, where it is blowing snow.  I have never in my life seen blowing snow, but it's now on my wishlist.  He was invited to grab his thickest sweats & spend a few evenings cuddling on the couch with his baby brother's family.  Their kids have the best names - Harrison Paul & Briar Elizabeth.  And they are even cuter than that!

Lola & Poppy come today to give a little support - I'm so very lucky to live (somewhat- 2 hours) near family.  But in the meantime we're in a bliss-full mess of oatmeal, forts, firewood, trains, bananagrams, workbooks, handmade willy wonka wrappers & reports.  Oh!! Just got handed the sweetest basket of scrabble letters.  Which means, although I am wanting to embroider a liner for a giant old picnic case found in my Auntie Mary's basement, I must go to the co-op now to get more diaper liners.  We use Gdiapers by the way.  Yes, we use cloth, but we also use G's, which act like disposables, but you flush them down the whirly-pool...Okay.  Gotta get this little basket & my three precious munchkins oompaloompas.

I have lots of things to share that have been made over the last few months, by us & others.  Soon! 

**It IS a Happy New Year, isn't it?**