fire dancers + my wee capoeista



 i had to post this for my dad & brothers... look at our middle guys in the roja with his uncle dalmacio!  i love this.  i have to get them doing capoeira for real - i can't imagine a better choice for their p.e. with where they are all at right now.  totally competitive, playful, utterly dependent on each other, needy yet longing for independence, performance-oriented, boundary-challenging & musical.  i love, love, love how capoeira is a loving game where you must pay very careful attention to your adversary, as the goal is to pretend to strike them while also honoring them as your friend & training partner.  they will learn to defend themselves while also learning to control their movements & their responses.   i also love that it is established enough in the us to have excellent instructors, but new enough that the culture, language, rules & etiquette of the movement are still fully intact.


my cousins rock.    even though their names are lady lava & doctor magma, please do not be scared of them!  keep in mind that they are artists who perform in the heart of los angeles, & they are the top of their art form...that said, they are sunday church-going, organic-eating, home-birthing, baby-wearing, dairy-free parents that say i love you all day long.  check out their fire dancing video below.  dalmacio begins with some fire-warrior-action while she gives a spoken-word piece,  they do a chinese dragon bit, he starts breathing fire, then she moves into her really, truly, i-am-not-biased gorgeous, sexy, graceful  firedancing.  they are so very good.  if you are a dancer or homeschooler, then this will be inspiring...


on a side note - i've never seen a better support structure for a healthy marriage than the way they work together when fire dancing.  the total trust, real responsibility & complete permission they bring when spotting each other is so beautiful, it's actual heart-melting. enjoy!