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i'm thinking of...


 rev. michael beckwith at agape last sunday, "it's alright to be alright." put your oxygen mask on first, you can't save anyone if you're drowning...yadayada.  i'm ready to take it seriously, to stop giving everyone else the good toast & giving myself the over-cooked slice, making everyone else's favorite dishes but never making the ones i love that no one else will eat, & other such nonsense.  it's time to admit that taking care of everyone else really is for me, so i might as well take the time to go to the beach alone, to take on things that are really just for my own delight may have something to do with a certain littlest boy coming close to two years old - & ready for me to be off & about sometimes.  


i've been one of those who understands the importance of non-violent communication, but yells & threatens when i am tired & worn out.  who's isn't able to take responsibility when i'm overworked & seemingly (not really) unsupported.  i am one who's married to the dreamiest & most supportive of men, but isn't always willing to be contributed to.  i am one with tremendous friends & family but too much on her plate to look up sometimes.  so this is a year of being well enough to see my loved ones clearly.  to be grateful & delighted in the moments in-between.


 i'm thinking beeswax painting classes at castle in the air, cooking classes at the culinary institute of america, a date with d at sonoma mission inn, a trip to universal studios with my cinema-curious future auteur,  preserving classes at happygirlkitchen & the waldorf in the home conference on mothering & spirituality.  all starting with d's gift to me, the queen's course.  so i can remember (learn) how to take care of myself fully, so that i can give from the healthiest place possible.  hooray!


a year of fresh experiences, sans new information...


what are you doing for yourself this year?