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me. amy. sarah. molly. tricia.  tara.      susan.

photo by finn, from tara.mama.wendy


the revolutionaries will be homeschooled


Wednesday, midday.  Moms, jumping off a laddered platform & careening into sand piles. (Zipline) Homemade apple-cinnamon angel cake +  gluten-free pumpkin chocolate cookies.  Mostly unsupervised hammers.  Nails, 2-by-4's. Jars of paint.  (Red legs, paint in baby hair)  Beeswax candles in walnut shells.  Squirrel-bonking. (don't ask) Treasure pouches.  Handmade clothes.  A pet camera residing 'round every neck.  Kids that all know how to use said cameras.  Our kind of fun.  Our kind of friends.



Conversations that looked like this:

7 year-old on left swing: So have you never even seen a movie?

7 year-old on right swing: I have seen parts of movie.

7 years-olds swing into each other: "Ouch!!" Laughing


I love how homeschoolers tend to listen to learn, not listen to agree or disagree.  They get the information & they just be with it.  Now they know.



Oh, & the blogs: 

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molly :: a foothill home companion

 tricia :: wonderfarm

tara :: tara.mama.wendy

susan :: in the kitchen



Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, sweet families.