refashion :: boy's shorts






It's still 90' around here, & the little guys keep growing, so we've taken to shorts-making this week.  They're going to grow out of these things by Winter, so there's just no reason to waste Earth's resources for new play pants.  In a triple-win-win-win, our oldest boy has been donating his pants to his brothers, who are SOOO excited to have "new" shorts to wear that used to belong to their Kuya.  (Older brother)  

The fastest route from pants to 2 pairs of shorts?  For us, that means cutting off the bottoms & doing a decorative stitch.  I'm not fussy, my parents were hippies (can't you tell?  my brothers & i are named maya, elrik & franz)...10 minutes.

For the littlest guy we've taken the bottom 10 inches off the legs & traced his shorts over them to make little shorts & put in elastic at the top.  This takes all of 20 minutes.  Getting him to stand still enough for a change of pants?  1 hour, 12 minutes, with some distractions in the middle.