this week's menu




One of the great loves of my life: menu planning.  It’s culinary/creative window shopping  with a definite positive near-future.  It’s catalogue-perusing in the form of cookbook-flipping.  A lucky privilege, to be sure.  I never take eating for granted.  10,000 children die of starvation everyday.  If this hurts you, too, then let me recommend one of our dearest our mentor’s bestselling books: Food Revolution.  If you don’t know this book, John was the single heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune.  He invented Jamocha Almond Fudge!   He walked away because he felt it wasn’t an appropriate response to his life.  Imagine that.  You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened!  But there’s answers to the hunger thing.  




For a female take, another beloved elder is Lynn Twist.  She’s trained over 20,000 non-profit fundraisers & her book, Soul of Money  makes me cry with hope & magic & surprise at the ingenuity of women & our innate wisdom from beginning to end.  This book transformed our relationship to money in a such a profound & empowering way.  It is unlike an money book out there.  More solutions to the hunger thing.   




So this is what we’ve got planned.  The truth is, I never stick to my plan.  I just so love to plan.  I get to the grocery co-op & all these other ideas come out of nowhere.  But...Having it all layed out lets me sleep soundly, knowing my family has been prioritized according to my highest value ~ contributing loving, creative nourishment.  Forgive me, that’s clearly 4 separate values. 




Moving on, we’ve been craving chili verde around here, but some of us don’t eat chicken.  So we use salmon, you know, as though it’s chicken.  It works especially well for this dish.  We adapted Rachael Ray’s Grilled Chicken Chili Verde recipe, which was way too tangy for my taste, so we lessened the tomatillos to 8 small ones.  And added 3 heaping teaspoons of jarred apple bbq sauce.  Yum.  We put the whole stew on the table, along with butter-browned corn tortillas, wild rice, avocados, shredded romaine hearts, shredded jack, chopped scallions & lime wedges.  I suppose you could make the stew the night before or even freeze it, but this whole thing can actually come together in 45 minutes.




Here’s how we alter it for our eaters with distinctive palates (Gastrokids has helped me to drop the words "picky" +  "eater"): when we grill the salmon, we set aside 1/3 & cut it into strips.  So it’s just another offering on the table, no extra time or effort.  Then everyone just makes their own tacos & we don’t say a word about how much they’re eating.  This is a new practice, but the table is so much more celebratory.  We’ve realized that kids who don’t finish their food are not nearly as wasteful as us adults across the board, so we’ve stopped mentioning it & are working on ourselves.




Jungle Curry Recipe is here.




Picadillo ~ Filipino Weeknight Fare.  And my favorite dish growing up.  

Saute chopped onions + garlic.  Add ground meat.  Brown.  Add finely cubed potatoes, 1 cup water, bouillon cubes, frozen peas, a chopped tomato, 3 dashes of soy sauce, oregano,  salt &/or fish sauce.  Simmer down to reduce.  When potatoes are tender, serve over white rice.  




My mom would always take the leftovers & make a torta for breakfast: Cover leftovers with beaten eggs & let bottom set.  Lift edges & let egg run under to cook insides.   Flip over or stick under the broiler.  Over rice, of course!  




Our friend is moving in to feed our fish & we get to see our loved ones get married to the loves of their lives this weekend.  There’s nothing like a wedding to remind me of my own promises.  (Patience.  You will not be in the same place at the same time.  Listen.  They have something to tell you.  Forgive.  That means to give completely, give up the sword & shield, ahead of time, before & forever) These are not things mere mortals should really be taking on.  It takes being so much bigger than ourselves, doesn’t it?  Again, a privilege I don’t take for granted.