in search of kayak water #2


Because we believe in investing in happiness above all else, & because we've worked to unlatch ourselves from many of the material attachments we've once held on to, we did what any unreasonable family would do & sold our Denali.  Sure, we "needed" it.  But not more important than joy.  We promptly bought what has become the most fulfilling, fully-family-friendly activity / exercise / conference room / field trip / church / meditation / date / solitary event we've ever done.  Happiness in the form of fiberglass.  As a mama who's always looking for balance, I most appreciate the pace of the kayak ~ you can't go faster than it goes, so you can't get back to the to-do list so easily.  It requires letting go.  As nature-lover, I am at home in these things.  They require a consistent, animal movement & allow me to move right into the cormorants & loons without disturbing them.  I forget myself.  And as a wife.  Well.  He is happy.  So.  That's all I need to know.




But the question is, where do we kayak in Northern California?  Does any one have any recommendations?  Lake Berryessa, though large, tends to make at least one person in our party sick every time we've gone out.  We're interested in live water, if possible.  Like natural lakes & clean, free-flowing rivers.