fairy finding + story dice


Mahal took me on a very special hike.  There are real fairies in these pictures, but we were asked not to point them out.  You'll have to put on your fairy-angel eyes to see them.  Meanwhile, it's okay for us to let you see inside this little home. 




On the subject of conjuring, I've never considered making  story dice before.  They're the perfect way for us to work with all the crazy imagery from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (the play) & Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator.  We have been discussing what we'd put into "the next book," with the idea that we will write ourselves the next book in the series.  But I've been fretting about how to guide them through this process ~ it's really easy to make suggestions & take over the story line!


There's something about knowing it's going on paper that makes them tentative in their storytelling, but these are the perfect tools for prompting a story, but still having it come from their own mouths, with their own perspectives about how the story might tie together.  I like that the 3 year-old & 1 year old can role the dice just as well as their brother (we might need to walk across the room to see it), so everyone can be involved.  And we can all make them together.


You  can get the dice here. Here's a thorough tutorial on how to make them, as well as a lesson plan that we'll roughly follow to make the whole thing more age-appropriate for Mahal.  There's different ways of doing this, from painting to stamping to decoupaging.   This last mother made a little "desk" & filled it with homemade notebooks for filling with stories.


Berries. Acorns. Shells. Rocks. A nest-like bed.  And...


A birch canoe!  Some stolen baby carrots...  A letter for us!