cloth produce bags



A pile of fat quarters = overjoyed grocery cart


Hardly a tutorial, this is Free & True's straight-stitch practice.  And Real's yes-you-can-stay-in-my-lap-don't touch-the-machine-practice.  It bothers me each & every time I touch a plastic bag.  So, no more!  This is the most addictive instant-gratification sewing project we've ever done.  Oh, & who am I kidding about the "no-defined-instructions-thing?"  I trust everyone to make things how they want them...


Cloth Produce Bags


For each bag, take one fat quarter.  Fold in half.  If you fold it length-wise, you get a baguette bag, or something for your celery or those giant zuccs in your yard.  If you fold it width-wise, than you get your standard produce/bulk foods bag.  Using a 1/2" seam allowance, stitch down the open side & along the bottom.  Make sure to back stitch well at the beginning & end.  Turn inside-out.  Walla! I like to leave the frayed top, but you could also hem it or place the selvedge there.