caramelized chicken salad (gluten free)




So I'm on a salad + caramelization kick.  It's my reaction to D's love of crisped up food, my love of cream & the realization that my low energy was directly connected to overeating.  Oh, how I love to eat!  I've figured that since I'm nursing I can still eat massive amounts of whatever I want (like a 20 year-old), but that's just not true.  So there's been lots of salads, way more fruit & some seriously kick-a** protein action.  And I really feel so much lighter.  Not 20.  But that's cool...


I'm also feeling very liberated in my recipe style.  I just finished a project that included rewriting & testing 120 recipes.  Exact ones, with specific proportions.  I feel the same way about them that I felt the first time ~ I think they're really good.  And as someone who's organized around creative expression, I think it may very well be out of integrity for me for to offer defined prescriptions to anyone for anything.  So I may not do that ever again. 


This has impacted the way we homeschool right now. That's an area where it's sometimes important to follow a defined activity.  I've had to learn to stop announcing what we're doing next, because they always have a better idea & so nothing I plan would get done.  Which makes for lots of somethings & not others.  So now I just get all the materials ready, & start the activity myself.  They all gather around & ask to join me & I "let them," but really keep myself focused on what I'm doing.  Instead of interrupting me with how they'd rather do it, they put their own heads down & get to work.   I've noticed that they have nothing to rebel against, so they don't.  And yet they still bring their own individual expressions & developmental capacities to what we're doing.  It's much easier on all of us, I think because it's more in integrity for me.  


There are many home educators I really admire, especially inside of the Waldorf movement, where there is a commitment to let the child's own integrity come through, but also a commitment to doing things in very clear forms.  All of this is carried out with a sense of wonder, comfort & magic.  I have not been able to emulate this when it comes to structured activities, save for the kitchen.  This is the one place where I feel very strongly about what I'm doing, but just as strongly about their presence by my side, as observers & active participants.  And so now the kitchen  is informing the rest of our life learning.  This is working for now.  


So here's my latest unrecipe...


caramelize onions & an organic, free range chicken breast by browning them in olive oil.  salt well, brown well.  add a drizzle of cream.  let cool & chop fine.  slice a green onion, some fresh dill, a celery stalk.  toss together & moisten with just a tiny bit of sour cream & mayo, fresh cracked white pepper.  serve with a lemon wedge & micro greens.  mmmmm