seared scallops with asian peanut slaw (gluten free) + caesar



The other day we were out & about & umm...forgot to feed our kids.  Do you do that?  Of course not. Caught without snacks + 3 sweet-but-borderline spastic lovies, we stopped into a place called Garwoods & proceeded to order three kinds of salad.  I'm not sure why we thought our kids would eat salad, since they haven't thus far, but it turns out that they love Caesar!  So we've been blending up good jarred anchovies, olive oil, plenty of garlic, a bit of parmesan & a spritz of fresh lemon juice & storing it in a little mason jar in the fridge.  When they're hungry we chop up some Romaine hearts really fine & toss it with the dressing.  I've stopped crossing my fingers as they clean their plates.  This is the kind of thing that is just so gratifying to a stressed-out parent.  Like if they'll eat salad, then I'm maybe not making stuff up.  Really, anything is possible.


 And I loved this.  Impossibly caramelized scallops on a crunchy peanut slaw.


This is my 30-minute version, using fried tortilla matchsticks for won tons & it tastes the same to me!


seared scallops with asian peanut slaw (gluten free!)



dressing: in a small jar with a lid, shake up the following:

2 teaspoons peanut oil
1/2 cup peanut butter
3 teaspoons honey
1/3 cup wheat-free tamari
few dashes of hot sesame oil
juice 1 lime
1 teaspoon chopped garlic - use jarred





3 cups coleslaw mix or
1/3 napa cabbage, chopped 
1/4 each, red & green bell pepper - just slice down the side between ribs! cut into matchsticks
1 carrot, shaved with a peeler
3 T parsley, minced


toss all that in a bowl.



 "won tons" + scallops:


1 corn tortilla
1-2 inches olive oil
sea salt
sesame oil
2 T butter + 1 teaspoon chopped garlic
6 scallops
1/4 cup rice flour


slice a corn tortilla into matchsticks.  fry up in shimmering olive oil, salt & a few drops of sesame oil.  they should brown up quickly & you can use tongs to drain them on a paper towel.


just barely dust the scallops in the rice flour.  bring the heat back up,  & when it's all nice & shimmery, add the scallops.  let them get good & golden & flip over.  add the butter + garlic & let it bubble & foam.  spoon it over the scallops. drain right onto your salad!