Earth's Medicine :: Echinacea Popsicles



All the island kids are spent.  The combined requirements of the sun, the water, the granite-&-root-packed forest floor under their bare feet makes them crash hard when they're not looking.  They don't ever want to sleep, just like us.  Sleeping feels good, yes.  But so does life.


Given that there's a plane flight soon, with it's 8+ hours of recycled air, we've started looking at how to help these tired aggies from crashing even harder, with a cold or flu or something worse.  They're just so full-out right now, using every bit of their energy to work & to learn this aquatic life.  The little bit of sleep they get is only helping them to recuperate, & maybe even grow a little.


One thing we're doing is daily Echinacea, in the form of popsicles.  We're just using Traditional Medicinal's Triple Echinacea Tea, steeped for 1 1/2 hours, with lots of raw, local honey for some bee-fairy help.  We let them cool & we're popping them into dixie cups.  As the full-time Daddy right now, D really appreciates any time I give the kids any "projects," that don't include art supplies, crafting or homeschooling.  Like popsicles that require their attention, pulling the paper down, sticking their noses in it, ripping off the "wrappers" with their teeth.


These photos sum up so much of my view out here.  As the working parent, I get them when they're sleeping.  There was a moose that swam over to the island at 7am last week.  I missed it.  It would have made my whole life to see a giant moose, chest up, swimming the mile from Timber.  But I love this little moose, to.  And the loon.  True's been working on a loon call the neighbor's taught him.  Apparently, the loons answer back.  Old pillows.  I love these pillows, they are beautiful, the color of this wooden world.  And I hide them the moment the rest of the family leaves.  I am Allergic to their ancient dust with a capital A.  




They are tired, & they are home.  This is the first time they've claimed the "Happy Room" as their own.  Their father's old room, where he hung his baseball hats & displayed his prizes from the Arcades at Weir's Beach.  Now they go to Weir's Beach, they play skiball, eat fried dough & come home with tummy aches, bouncy balls, 3-inch decks of cards & pockets full of extra tickets that show up in the dryer.  We don't want to leave, we never do.  We're working on it.






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