to make a damsel fly









Happy Birthday Nay!


Thank you for always being up to something ~ many things.  Things that are interesting & exciting, that will make a difference for people & add beauty to our world.


Thank you for my life.  For My Brothers who are so Perfect & Amazing.  For being the Lola that the boys talk to & share with every single night in their sleeps.  For all of it.  


For always telling us that 

"'We were made in God's image' doesn't mean 'we have 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 ears & a nose.'  It means you have a head of your own, can think your own thoughts & make your own decisions."


Thank you for reminding me that to think & grow is a divine act.  That it's good to change our minds & our actions.  It's important to question.  For being such a whole example of a woman, a community leader, an entrepreneur, a wife, a working mother, a healer, a gardner, a chef & an artist.


It would be a lot to live up to, but you never made that an option I'd have to deal with.  You always made sure to let us be ourselves, trying out systems & abandoning anything that was irrelevant.  


Thank you for making sure we were always loved, that we always knew it.  We do know it.  It's in our every cell.  I love you.  Me