chuck to shuck



There is one thing we are up to above all.  Being "time-rich."  No more working for work's sake or money or status or obligation.  Chucking the old so we can really celebrate.  Every second.  Organizing our lives, our values & our priorities to be together, to move slowly.  To have choice in the moment.  Because it's still possible to prep supper with the neighbors, outside.



To take the time to dress appropriately for dinner.  To learn such skills from a master & to laugh at the sticky/beautiful/oh-so-interesting corn silk.




To enjoy the cocktail hour.  To be surprised by your guests.  To experience generosity.




To squish together for an adventure.  To be a family of families.  To borrow each other's space without boundaries or pride.




To be shiny, happy & alive.  To be safely scared & to scream & to encourage madly, right out loud.




To sing "taps" as the sun sets, with hand motions & everything.  To hear the loon's slightly insane call.  To feel a full day's accomplishments, frustrations, love, sadness & wear melt into a quiet hope.




To enjoy cooking sans gadgets.  With 10 year-old clothespins & century-old saucepans.  To smell the food as it simmers over the course of an hour, or three.




To go to sleep after an honest-to-goodness spontaneous recital.  Or many.  One night after the next, each musician, each instrument in turn.


Being "time*rich" means being there for our lives.  Oh, how much life  I've missed for so many silly reasons! The world has slowed down, it's had to.  I'm part of the movement, of those catching our breaths, slowing the cycles of buying & accumulating while deferring our best hopes for ourselves.  Some of us are looking anew, letting go of our old dreams, goals & wants.  Seeing what's here.  Feeling grateful.


Will you join us?  Please email me!  Love, Thyme