The 5-Minute Skirt / Halter


photos by True

Wow, it's been an exciting week while I've been away!  While D's been driving me up & down the California Coast, to our old stomping grounds in West Hollywood to my new love, Santa Barbara (oh, the mountains!  the white adobe + wood beams + tile roofs! the ocean!! and of course, the menu at Sojourner...), some of y'all have been having a crafta-linka-thon with our little tutorials!  It's very gratifying, thank you, to be a part of the reciprocal crafting community.  We use so many of your ideas, it's nice to know you like ours, too.


So as a thank you to Fancy Handy (Italian!), The Long Thread, One Crafty Place, The Crafty Crow, Craft Gossip, & some Netvibes, Digg + Stumble angels for sharing the UO love, here's my most-used-very-unpattern: A Halter & A Skirt You Can Make in 5 Minutes.


I have no less than 28 of these.  Yes, 28 shirts /skirts at my beck & call.  They use very little fabric & can be made for free-$20 max if you use something fancy like Japanese linen.  I have several extra-long ones made of raw dupioni silk in crazy colors like Emperor Red & Peacock for special occasions when I need to pretend I'm dressing up but really don't want to.  (Which is every time I need to dress up)  


It will fit in a very loose/comfy way & have a bit of built-in bias from the wonky instructions, hopefully making you feel barefoot & on vacation.


The 5-Minute Skirt / Halter


Set Up:



A Perfect-Fit A-Line Skirt

Enough fabric to wrap around you 2 times

Cording or Elastic to wrap around your bust 3 times

Sewing Machine

Sewing Shears

Seam Threader or Safety Pin






-Take your fabric & lay it out with the selvedge towards you.  Fold the top of the fabric down, so that top length of the selvedge is directly on top of the bottom length.  


-Line up the hem of your own skirt with the selvedge. 


-Leaving a width of 2 fingers around the outside for a seam allowance, cut along the sides of your skirt.  When you get to the top, cut your fabric 4 finger-widths away from your skirt-top.


Sides & No Hem!


-Starting from the bottom, sew up each side of the skirt, about 1 finger-width in.




-With the wrong-side out, fold the top down about an inch.  Fold over once more.  I use a bone folder or a spoon (a little backstage trick for last-minute alterations) to crease instead of an iron.  


-Find the middle of the skirt front, & moving over 1 finger length, sew a straight stitch along the bottom of that fold, backstitch to start.  Leave a 2-finger-width opening & backstitch to finish. 

- Thread your cording or elastic onto your threader or safety pin.  Insert into the front, pull through casing & back out the other end. Make the ends even.  





-Put on your skirt.  Tie or leave.


-As a halter, just tie behind your neck.  You can also tie a bow in the front, but if you do this, remember to know it, or it will come undone while you wear it.






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