felt playboard









I love this little playboard that Free made with his Auntie Jessy.  


It's all just little free bits of felt on a regular letter-sized rectangle of white felt.  


Sometimes I'll see a stack of felt & think about how much I'd like to make him a new set of puppets, an interchanging set of party hats, a little castle or a series of little gnomes.  Having made all these things when there was just one sweetheart, I know just how long it takes & how much love goes into such things.  And I also know it requires extra time away from the boys, or at least, having them very engaged in something else.  I do that enough already when I work, even though it's here at home.  I like to think we can make these things together, although they usually have other plans.  So I have lots & lots of felt + 2 art carts full of dream-love-projects.  


I like the simpleness of this playmat.  Instant gratification for everyone involved.  It's age appropriate.  It's satisfyingly creative.  It's graphic & pretty.  It's self-explanatory. And most importantly (for me), it's easy to store.  Flat as a pancake.  Love it.