cinnamon rolls part 1


I have been secretly coveting the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day, as I've an insatiable love of carbs coupled with an unfortunate disinterest absolutely no desire to knead bread.  But I've been doubtful.  And I've been scared of yeast, ridiculous as that sounds.  I hate wasting ingredients & time, so I haven't wanted to risk either on something with a reputation for being volatile.  

A recent cover of Mother Earth News bragged an excerpt of the book (this is the article + recipes) & I have to say: It's true!  Artisan bread in minutes.  It does have to rise & all, but not for long.  It just takes minutes to mix, much like pancake mix, then you have enough for the next few days!


We started with the basic boule.  And True said, "It tastes just like the bread at Church Landing!"  High praise.  I can't believe it.  




And the next day, we made the rolls.  The only thing we changed was using honey instead of sugar & pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon & nutmeg.  It was just the perfect amount of sweet.  I haven't decided if I should get the book, given that we're a mostly gluten-free family.  There's a recipe in the article for Neapolitan Pizza, too, so we'll try that, too.








We're going to try them 2 more ways: raw, a' la Cafe Gratitude, & gluten-free.   I know that sounds intimidating, but so did these!  And yet, everyday, right on my computer screen, there they were, other people's cinnamon rolls.   So we tried them.  And they.  Were.  Good. One thing we might change in the future is a bit of brown sugar & butter over the top, broiled for a second to get a sugary, sparkly crust that would crunch a bit.  Nothing like good ol' sugar...What are you baking?