green popsicles









To keep from turning into a mama-marshmallow I've taken up a few old hobbies:


-Capoiera, an afro-brazilian martial art/dance form that has the potential to make me incredibly talented & acrobatic.  This will, of course, require a few years of work on my part...(the link is to a video of my school)


-Rock climbing, indoors this time.  In the distant past my brothers & I were known to do some crazy equipment climbs, complete with helmets, camping gear & crazy metal things that looked like spurs holding us up in the air.  I started last night at the very glamourous level known as...beginner.  I made it up 50 feet twice, & felt incredibly high over the whole thing. So then I went to the next level - beginner +, & made it up about 3/4 before calling it quits.  The sweet instructor thought I was about 12 & told me to keep trying, & I admit I felt a certain smugness at announcing that there was just no way, I am, after all, a mama of 3 & haven't worked out for 8 years.  Oddly, there's not much to be smug about in there, but that's how I felt.  He gave me a nice polite reprieve.  Till next week.


-And, finally, Green Smoothies for breakfast.  Our acupuncturist/nutritionist explained that whatever we eat first thing is what we'll crave all day.  Ah.  This explains my desire to eat chocolate, bread & cheese all day.'s been green smoothies for all of us.  D prefers to start them off with eggs & broccoli, but the boys were getting bored silly.  I prefer a shake called Vega, which is a hard-core vegan meal replacement created by a vegan Ironman triathlete for athletes.  I just think it taste good & I love knocking out my entire RDA (recommended daily allowance) of everything by 10am.  


We blend a scoop of Vega, 1 frozen banana, a handful of baby spinach leaves & 1 bag of frozen fruit.  Then I just add soy milk to the top of it all & blend.  I suppose one could use whatever protein shake they like.  My mother-in-love is terrified I'll become a vegan, & doesn't really care to see the tub of Vega on my counter.  How cute is she?  We've been vegan.   We've been raw vegans.  We've been vegetarians, pescatarian, organic free-range meat eaters.  I just want my food to taste really good & be as ethical as possible by being as humane as possible & using as little resources as possible in it's production.  At this point I'm very much a Flexitarian.


Anywhoo.  I am a big fan of blending frozen fruit & calling it ice cream.  My girlfriend thinks this is just wrong & calls it "fruit on cone."  Well, whatever.  Frozen sweets for breakfast.  They've been into it & take the extra & freeze it for after lunch.  How excited am I that this is now the boy's favorite popsicle?  They call it "Green Tea Flavor."  Given that our middle boy who would eat anything is becoming pickier by the minute & our oldest has been having pizza in some form every single day for the last 2 weeks, this does my lots for my peace of mind.  Lots.