q-tip cherry blossoms & kitchen table rain




first off, i apologize for the five-in-a-row, then none, then 1 lame post-patterns i've got going on.  life, is just too good, too full, too unexpected, too sometimes insurmountable, too surprisingly full of support & blessings to be blogging all the time.  some of you blog daily, but i will assume you've got it down to an art, & are able to whip out those heartfelt, deeply authentic post with always on-spot photographs in about 15 minutes.  wink, wink.  


not i, not at all.  i've considered quitting the blog all together, or maybe starting one specifically for homeschooling or one specifically for design, or activism. oh, to be a dilletante.  master of nothing, lover of absolutely everything.  so this is my style, at least these days!  real life, i tell ya...
how about these q-tip cherry blossoms from our blue yonder book of days?  (go ahead, click that button up there on the right!!) they have another great blog to go with the book that has lots of other ideas & links to some family ideas.  one of the reasons i don't really need a curriculum at this point is that little monthly subscription.  it is just genius.  there's so much in there, & it doesn't matter if someone is homeschooling & needs lots & lots of work to do or if they just have a little baby that needs outside tummy time.  it has so, so much good, simple family stuff with plenty of leads to deeper studies.  and their other blog, the magnifying glass is a great image of that nature science that comes so naturally to little gnomes & fairies.

we had so much fun making these little trees, & we took it all on as part of our "collections" unit.  what's that?  well, i noticed that one of us has stopped drawing.  i never thought a child of mine would get the "i can't draw" syndrome, but i guess the phenomena is just a pervasive human concept.  it's rubbish, anyways.  so we've started doing "collections," creating many versions of the same thing, like, say, an ice cream truck first in pencil, then in stickers, then as a felt collage.  the idea is just ridiculous quantity, to reconnect with the materials & to feel our hands moving, discovering what the media wants to do.  i once read a teacher blog (can't remember, sorry) that asserted we must make lots of art with our children, & throw away just as much!  i thought, oh, i could never.  i'm way to sentimental.  but i've been thinking about it.  how liberating would it be to have art be truly meaningless?  



because we have 2 toddlers, we use this set-up for watercolors: a plate with a very wet paper-towel.  this does work for brushes, too.  it doesn't allow for traditional mixing & brush cleaning, but i follow the waldorf idea of using one or two colors at a time that harmonize with eachother.  not forever, but while they're young this is nice, so that when they do discover the color-mixing, it's really a magical discovery.  so i love these watercolor discs d found.  there's no name on them, i'm sorry.  but they come in a stack of 4 discs, each with a different color family.  i think the cherry + terra cotta + saffron is a very sophisticated combination, myself.  we use lakeshore's people colors for the trunks & for, you know, people.  they have a fabulous collection of paints, paper & crayons in a lovely human/tree trunk rainbow.  & they cost so little for the lesson they offer.



& indoor rainshowers from the april book.  we're doing them in may.  why not?  look at those little drawings in the instructions!  they love this stuff...