breakfast lunch & dinner

I'm busy right now...




Making a mess.  Playing with my food. 


With my best friends. Feeling grateful.  


Missing my many cousins.  I saw a huge group of Filipinos outside Fuji Sushi last night.  They had balloons & were beautiful & laughing & loud with happyness.  It will probably be like that for years.  


Yes.  I miss you all.  Tony & Michael & Kari & Mark & Elena & Willem & Sherelle & Tangee & Vivi & Jeric & Nikki & Franz & Elrik & Malorie & Jasyn & Trevor & all those littles, who I wish I knew.  I Love You Guys Completely.  You are my kapatid.


So here's a little vegetarian "bisteak" flavour.




saute onion moons until sweet




add sliced mushrooms




squeeze 1 lemon + add an equal amount of soy sauce




on white rice + some protein (veggie pepper steak above).


yes.  i love you guys.