birding :: freshwater pelicans


*Photos by Kita*






we drove & looked: swans?
no, but there: a great blue heron! 
a red winged black bird
coots, ducks
some kind of piper
overhead, the pelicans played,
their wingspan: 9 feet!

but would we find the wild swans?
maybe ours? 

we got out
it was hot * hot
dad & brother sat it out
he complained for the walk
"too dusty," "do we have to?" "carry my banana peel,"
no, i'm carrying the baby
"let me compost it here, then,"
we debated, he won.

then: "there they are!"
he grabbed my camera
stalked them
ran 1/4 mile, then another, 
they flew off, 
then he ran another!!

i didn't try not to cry
as i watched him suddenly alive
running after wild things
a real live chase

i finally caught up to him,
now composed
one foot behind the other, quietly
(just like sam beaver)

he shot them
like any committed vegetarian would,
then examined his work in the viewfinder
"look mom.  they're not swans."
my heart sunk for him
"they're the pelicans. awesome."

we walked back to the car
me with a swollen sleepy head boy
him with a skip in his step




*Swan love inspired by Trumpet of the Swan. 
Links to book, curriculums, swam adoption above.

*We are loving the Magnifying Glass