this is it! gluten-free pot pies! baguettes!



A couple of years ago our friend Rose Anne began a gluten-free Subscription Meals Program that works similarly to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture * Farm Box Subscription).  We proudly worked with her on it in a customer feedback/fellow entrepreneurs sort of way, & I'm very happy to say that our family is basically made out of Rose Anne's food.  Because the genius of her work is that she's allowed us to have gourmet, fresh, bio-regional, gluten & casein-free meals for about what it would take for me to make it myself.


We place a certain amount on a Farmer's Kitchen Cafe "credit card" at the beginning of every month, & each week we pick from a menu that she sends via email.  Then we just pick up our food at 6 o'clock!  


The food itself keeps getting better & better, as she's on a mission, & I realized I just had to show you all what she's doing.  These pot pies & her baguettes are a freakin' breakthrough.  I am NOT a gluten-free eater by any medical requirements, & you'll be seeing my own gluten breakthroughs here this week, actually.  But I am a foodie, & I DO LOVE her bread.  I don't miss the gluten or the casein with her food.  I mean, just look at it.


You can order some of her stuff on Rose Anne's website, & her blog is crazy-full of information on food allergies, food + autism / spectrum disorders, nutrition, farming issues & translating gourmet recipes to gluten-free.