baby conch-shell gardens









Recently we were in the Bay, heading up to a certain Foothill Home to visit some beloved friends & chickens.  I was trying to think of what I could bring as an offering, kinda chicken-related, that was even possible given our a 3-hour drive & so many little bodies to account for.  


I am not a think-ahead crafter.  Not yet.  I am a mad-dash, do it while I get there with their help crafter.  It's very fun for me to make things with friends, although I think I'd rather be somewhere in the middle.  


I imagine Molly crocheting on the couch, in one of her relaxed sweaters while Aidan scales the back fence.  




While I go, "Welcome! (kiss, hug) What shall we make now?"  Avery once suggested chocolate, so it was "homemade Nutella:" organic cream + chocolate chips + Hazelnut oil.




On this particular day I had no idea.


In my mom's shower hangs the sweetest little succulent in a large snail shell.  It's been there for a few years, & doesn't seem to need any watering outside of the shower steam.  A thin piece of wire hooks from the inside of the shell over her shower wall.


I asked her if this is pretty easy ~ since I've not a green thumb of my own.  She assured me it was, & donated some shells from her trip to Baja.  We drove me up to the Peaceful Valley Nursery for some Hens + Chicks Succulents, & assembled it all at Molly's.  The kids all made their own, with Aidan making 2 in about 2 minutes.


Since then it's become our favorite little gift project.






I like them near my kitchen sink.




baby conch shell gardens




1 pot succulents
several large sea shells
a spoon


to do:


Gently separate the succulents & insert the spoon several inches below the plant.  Ease a few flowers out with the roots.  Spoon some soil into the shell, then place plants into shell, roots first.  Water, then drain out the side.  Name.  I like naming things.  And these just beg for little names.  Like Harriet, Hendrick & Penny.  Perfect names for Hens + Chicks.


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