cheesy potato boats



Once we got quite tired of potatoes in soup this Winter, we discovered a small "potato farm" growing in the root storage.  Would it be very sad to admit that root storage was actually a neglected bowl on my counter?  Anyways, I think we managed to sprout a good 30 potatoes in 3 varieties, all green googly-eyes & white sprouts right there by the family portraits.  




With absolutely no effort, & I am feeling like just the world's best science teacher right now.  Especially since we off & planted them all, in a small container garden made for True's 5th birthday party.  They've come along beautifully for such an accident, & almost overnight we've got our own small harvest.  As Asians, we're pretty mucha rice-with-everything crew, so what to do with potatoes that's not soup?




Cheesy Potato Boats 


Boil 'till fork tenders.  Mash with a bunch of grated cheese.  Refill.  Add sauce action (paint the boat.) Bake at 350' for 10 minutes.  "Detail your boat."  Talk about what's gonna happen when your ship comes in.