blue yonder veggie wontons



I guess our Book of Days is it's own category at this point.  They call these "Dragon Moons."  We've actually done these before, but it's their recipe.  



I'd say it was successful, because Mahal was shocked I didn't know wontons were one of his "favorite things."  Well I did know that, actually, but this is the first time he ate the insides of the wonton.  As we all know, it's not exactly painful to eat a carb shell fried 'till golden.  But he ate them whole.  One, after another, after another. 


Our co-op does a fabulous class on using wonton wrappers for making quick ravioli. I'll have to find the recipes, but basically you can fill them with anything, & seal the edges with a finger dipped in a bowl of water.  Then drop them in boiling water until they float.  That only takes a minute or too.  Any pasta sauce will finish the dish.


Did I tell you I have "a Chinese side?"




Lake called up my Pops & was so excited to tell him he was making them for Chinese New Years (we celebrated a bit late).  And to say "Kong hay fat choy," which is how Filipino-Chinese say it.  And to ask him if he's Chinese.  Yes, he is.  He's not Filipino, though.  


Anywhoo, that's Pops, up there, the day he retired from the Fire Department. And my beloved brothers, mom & a bitty True.  And me.  He's cool.  A hero, obviously.  He always marches with the Fire Department in the New Years Parades in Oakland & San Francisco's China Towns.  All growing up we'd go to 12-course Chinese banquets & our aunts & uncles would hand out red envelopes with some money for good luck.  We haven't been around for that since there's been so many kids around here, so I was happy the boys wanted to call him.  They're super-close.  But they haven't seen him in the parade or seen a Dragon come to life with a team of acrobats hiding under it's scales.  




Something to add to my calendar for next year. For now we're still enjoying our stories & considering what other kinds of Dragon Moons we can come up with.  If any one has a gluten-free wonton wrapper recipe, I'd very much appreciate it!