how to make a quick fabric picture frame


One more thing I found at her house ~ a little picture frame True & I made when he was 3.  We just took one of those cheap cardboard frames from Hallmark with the plastic for glass & covered it.  These can cost as little as .25 cents if you get ones after a holiday.  They're also a good way of recycling fabric because they are so small.  I'm thinking it would be cute to make a few out of kids clothes to match their pictures!  (If only I could somehow bottle up their smell & the feel of their hugs.)

 We make these often, 'cause their cheap but classy little "prizes" to give to loved ones. I think they look lovely.  It comes together in about 15 minutes, more with "help."  It should be allowed to dry overnight.



Paper frame

Mod Podge - matte, or white glue

Paint Brush

Pretty Fabric

Thin decorative paper like rice paper or wrapping paper. (I sometimes will use paper napkins!)

Fabric Scissors

How To:

* Remove plastic & set aside.  

* Carefully rip front & back stand from the base.  


* Take the fabric & lay it right-side down on your work surface.  Lay frame on it, right side down & trace opening + around the sides.  Now draw an additional line 1/4" around the outside & within opening outline.  These will be your cut lines.

* Cut along those 2 new lines.  To make it form to the frame, you'll need to make a few darts.  At each corner of the frame, cut a little square by cutting from the outside edges into the corner.   Inside of the frame opening, make a series of small cuts from the  cut line to frame outline all the way around.  

* Cover the frame front with glue & press onto fabric.  Apply glue to inside & outer edges.  Fold extra fabric onto the back. 

* Place paper right side down.  Cover the back of frame base with glue & press onto paper.  Smooth it out with your fingers.  Cut off excess paper, leaving 1/4" all around.  Glue edges base front & fold excess paper onto edge. 

* Repeat with stand.  Let dry.

* Place frame base onto work surface, right-side up.  Place the frame front right-side down.  Apply glue to sides & bottom of the opening.  Be careful not to glue the top, where you'll slip in your photo.  Turn it over onto base & press with finger to attach.

* Turn it all over & glue top tab of stand onto back of frame.