home tour


shells gathered by hand over decades on beloved beaches

D's mama just moved to town.  She's lived in over 15 cities.  Somehow every home feels the same. She's a master at living anywhere at any level & making it a comfy palace. She taught me how to light candles, put on dinner music & make little things special. 


It's all a great reminder of why I keep this blog ~ because it's such an exercise in gratitude.  Snapping these shots makes me feel like I own the coziest, sweetest home in the world, even though I don't even live there!  


I think you might agree...


DSC_0479with her beloved brother + my spectacular sister

DSC_0513batik fabric appliqued on an old pelican

DSC_0535bonneted ladies on their way to greet my future niece

DSC_0531my darling d holding his little brother.  for sure i loved him then, too.

DSC_0530gorgeous + homey

DSC_0482the stuff on her counter: gifts, antique silver spoons from wherever, sweet sugar bowl 

DSC_0481that recipe box holds cards smattered with oil, sugar & sauce from dozens of kitchens & generations of loved ones



a resting spot that is everything her homes are ~ impeccable style, made to live with, filled with love & things handmade