how to make an embossed runner





This is so simple, it's a great project to do with older children / beginning sewers.  (I made this particular runner for my then-boyfriend's mom when I was 20, & just found it again on her table!) It's very easy to do in an afternoon.  Depending on what fabric you pick, it can make a truly sumptuous accent.  It has always surprised me that she keeps it on such a lovely table, but seeing the pictures, I really see how the right materials can hold their own in an elegant dining room.  It doesn't use much though, & can be made for under $20.



Measuring Tape
Velvet, length of Table + 2'
Lining, same length
Metallic Thread
Sewing Thread
12 1/4" Wooden Beads
1+ Rubber Stamps


Sewing Machine
Sewing Needle
Iron + Board
How To:


* Measure your dining table + 2 feet.  This is the length.  Cut this length x 2' out of both the lining & the velvet.


* To emboss the velvet, set your iron to high.  (If it is synthetic, use correct temp, going a level higher if needed.  Test so you don't melt it!)  Place your stamp, rubber-side up on the ironing board.  Place your velvet right-side down onto stamp.  Hold stamp under the fabric & iron directly onto the velvet. I like to hold it for 1-2 minutes.  Repeat as desired.




* Cut 3" squares of velvet.  Place a bead in the middle of a square.  Gather up the sides, then the corners.  Pinch them in place & tightly wrap a length of metallic thread several times around the gather.  Tie 2 double knots & cut off ends.  Trim excess fabric off the bead.  Make 12.






* Place right sides of lining & velvet together.  Pin.  Sew together along edges leaving 1/4" all around.  Leave a 6" opening.  Turn inside out.


* Place runner on ironing board, velvet-side down.  Place a towel over it to iron.  Try to tug at the lining a bit so that the fold is on the velvet side & hides the lining.


* Handstitch the opening closed.


* To attach beads, place 6 pins along each end of the runner to mark.  Using another length of metallic thread, tack into gathered fabric on bead.  Pull needle out & into runner, leaving 1" of thread.  Pull out of runner, leave an inch, tack into bead.  Repeat with al 12.