quickie art kit




Our sweet friend Ray turned five & brought us cupcakes for his birthday.  The boys wanted to make something with him to celebrate, so they chose a little "drawing folio." He loves to draw these amazing dinosaurs & loves green, so we used a slip of Japanese dino fabric from our stash (I LOVE this fabric) & some Lotta Jansdotter notecards in similar shades.  


First we cut letter-sized paper in half.  We folded them in half & inserted 3 folded sheets into the cards to make 6-page journals. Then the boys took turns sewing them down the middle.  They did all kinds of crazy stuff to the tension, so I'm crossing my fingers the books don't split in half!  In anycase, we made...5.




I did a simple hem on one side, then we kinda measured the size of the journals & folded the fabric in half over them.  The boys stitched "straight" seams 1/2" apart for pencils.  They pressed the petal VERY fast, tried to hold the hand wheel still, pressed reverse at weird times & really made me pretty frenzied.  I need to just relax.  It turned out so charming, I think.  I especially love the way the tops & bottoms of each seam look darker & thick, almost like they were drawn on.




Because he's a real artist, we donated real artist watercolor pencils.




Ready to go.