a stylist's spring booklist


Spring always lifts up the curtain, & I never know what ideas are going to surface. 


We started early on our Spring cleaning.  Months ago, actually.  We just have accumulated so very, very much junk from the people we love.   So out it's been going, & with each box out, 3 new piles fill my kitchen.  It's ridiculous.


We're great fans of generating flow.  How?  By giving away as much as possible.  Spare change, spare clothes, spare pillows, you name it.  It's been tempting to hold on to all kinds of things, "just in case."  And, flow is flow.  A dammed river doesn't always become a lake.  It will first become a muddy swampy mucky mess full of sticky debris.  This is happening in my home.  Right now.


Maybe it's best to follow Earth's example & keep only what's needed.  Let the rest go.


I tend to forget this always brings much magic & makes us more comfortable with the bottom line.  Not theoretical to us, this practice has literally paid our bills & those of others.  So it's time again.  I'll post some of my favorite organizations here as we go along, should this idea make sense to you.  Often they have "wishlists" & we can send them what they need while freeing up more space in our lives.


This time around, we're using this "space" to get more aligned with our values.  We're on that list.  Of folks experiencing a new level of solidarity with the rest of the world.  With their neighbors.  With their loved ones.  Starting over in every possible way.  Reconsidering where we live & how we live.  How we eat, how we parent.  Suddenly very in touch with our hobbies, our joys, our heart's delight.  Excited for the chance to shed not just one burdensome layer, but many.  And to choose a life full of music, laughter, love & community.  To invent work that feels healthy & right.

(Everything that I may have wanted to say about this, Stefani already did.)




So what's informing my eye is also informing my heart & filling my thoughts & tumbling about in my dreams.  Care for a peek?




Hollyhocks & Honeybees - Garden Projects for Children
Free-Style Handmade Bags & Skirts
Nature Smart
Family Spaces
Children's Bags from their Own Drawings (Japanese)
Baby Buddhas
Paris Toddler Bedrooms (Japanese) 
Woman Power
You Can Heal Your Life
Everyday Celebrations
Craft Magazine #5
Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing
Stitch & Bitch
The Balanced Mom
The Feng Shui Garden
Real Simple The Organized Home
East Quilts West II
Landscaping for Privacy
The Sustainable Vegetable Garden
The Sacred Contracts Workbook ~ Carolyn Myss


Last Minute Fabric Gifts
Markets of Provence
You Grow Girl
Mother Rising
The Tibetan Art of Parenting
The Vaccine Book
The Neverending Story
Travel with Your Baby
Let's Get Primitive
Handmade Style: Japan
The Crafter's Companion
Everything for Baby
Chic Knits for Stylish Babies
Hawaiian-Style Money Folds
Bamboo Style
The Roots of Education
The Aware Baby
12 Steps to Raw Food
I Love Dirt
The Three-Martini Playdate