red cowboy boots



There's nothing like seeing them in those first pair of cowboy boots.  Of course, these were his brother's first pair, too.  But red always looks new, doesn't it?  I've already told you that red = love.


One day I'll take these boys to Maui.  We'll play ukes & guitar on the beach, grab a mixed plate, then drive to the top of Haleakala, 10,000 feet up.  Yes.  We'll don boots & cowboy hats, kakui-nut leis & bandanas.  We'll mount our horses & murmur sweet nothings in their ears as they take us along paths overlooking the clouds, the sea & other islands.  Then come back down but keep our cowboy kicks.  Grab some mango ice cream & stroll up & down Lahaina at sunset, looking like locals playing tourists.  The next morning we'll head back up the volcano at 4 am, rent bikes & race down at sunrise.


Heading straight to Kapalua Bay, with it's crescent-shaped cove, we'll jump in with goggles & tickle the sea turtles.  Have kayak races from beach-to-beach.  We'll climb the hill, visit the ancient burial ground & pay gratitudes to the gift-givers ~ maybe doing a little family show to make Pele & Maui laugh.  D will head us straight to our favorite luau, & sit on the floor with strangers.  Under the big sky, next to the ocean, we'll share Lomi Lomi, Lau Lau & Poi.  They'll practice calling things "Da kine," & telling the waiters, "You got choke grinds!" (delicious food)


The band will ask who's been married for over so many years & invite us to have a little dance.  The boys will entertain themselves while we dance barefoot, a flower in my left ear, my sweetheart being so sweet.  Like 9 years ago.   When the boys were stars & somedays themselves.