kid's travel itinerary



My mom & pops took their RV to Baja for 27 days.  Before she left she gave the boys felt storyboards that she picked up at Lakeshore Learning Supplies.  (This link is for a whole set, I'd call for individual boards) Free's was a sweet version of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Which, for a 3 year-old, is the perfect 1-week calendar.  Do you know this story?  "On Wednesday, he ate through 3 strawberries..."


For True she got a blank board, then made a bunch of little felt images to  match her itinerary!  He labeled the months & dates.  She included maps from the internet, & made a calendar with pictures for us to follow along each day.  I wish I had been more organized to add food, music & stories last month, but I suppose we can do that with her when she shows us the slideshow...