hip hop buddha



Our best friend made us a hip hop buddha.  It has Afro Puffs. Notice the slight smile. The indentation under the chin where it's hands come together in a secret prayer.  The humility of it's bowed posture.  The tuck in front of it's neck.  The entire gesture.  Perfect.  


Artist: Alvin Lopez.  He is the bomb.  Father of our beloved godson Abel Kaleo.  Second Papa to our boys.  Talent.


I grew up in the Presbyterian church but went to Japanese schools.  My grandparents had all kinds of miracles that came out of their devout Catholicism.  I have my own relationship to "Spirit."  It involves a LOT of time outdoors with family.  And cooking, happily.  And service.


The Buddha to me represents a human desire to know Truth ~ certainly another word for "God."  Practicing Buddhists make 3 promises, that can be applied to any religion, belief system or spiritual practice: 


1 Take shelter in the possibility of enlightenment.  This can also be called transcendence, being born again, having clarity or being saved.
2 Take shelter in the teachings.  Apply preferred teachings HERE__________.
3 Take shelter in the Sangha.  Or community.  Or congregation.  Or whatever.












Let me mention my friend Rev. angel Kyodo williams, spiritual director of The Center for Urban Peace.  When I considered attending her meditation classes, I told her I've always been afraid of getting hit on the head with a stick by a Zen Master.  She smiled & said, "Oh.  But the stick is the reward."