Observing Architecture



This past week we've done a few "Architectural tours" around town.  The boys have taken pictures of things they deem interesting & then they've come home to draw their discoveries.  


They've especially enjoyed using a glue gun with their blocks.  Part of me wants to "save" their toys for their intended purpose, & I have to remind myself that this IS their intended purpose.  I start to worry about having a large permanent art installment in my home that they'll never, ever want me to throw away. Then I remember this is the perfect use for all those clutter-y extra bits.


Today they made a ship with smoke stacks & ropes for tugging, an airport with air traffic control towers, & Santa's village.  I'm fascinated at how collaborative this is, "I have an idea!  Free, can I add sign to your store?"  "Sure.  I'm just going to glue a light onto your tower." I think knowing the glue gun is dangerous (& so, in danger of being taken away) helps them to move slowly & focus.


I love the little "Kisses" shop with the kiss roof, the little fish for the "Fish Market" & the placement of the Indian Elephant.  Just because.


This whole idea sprouted from Blue Yonder's Book of Days.


Some of the boy's pictures from town:



carved door



arched gate w/ brick



variegated roof + curved red tile shingles



arched walkways



carved adobe + trim + towers / turrets


These are all very "California Spanish."  We also looked for details reminiscent of home back East:



dormers + scrolled sign holders





I can't wait to until it really warms up.  Then we'll head to San Francisco & I'll show them the city how I know it: with a camera, Sharpies & a notebook, plus enough change to hop on & off the Muni bus.