cultivating music love


I often wonder how much passion is truly cultivated, & how much is innate.

DSC_0034"i'm tracking the notes to the sounds on the cd." wow. really?

Even though I come from a musical family, it hasn't been reflected in my parenting very much.  D's family is not traditionally musical, but they are true music lovers.  When we first got together I would pull onto his parent's street, & some combination of Elvis, Doo Wop, & Country music would float over to meet me five houses down. Antique jukebox collectors, the kids got their love of the very loud stereo from them. 

D has a "producer's ear," able to hear every instrument & constantly harping about old songs he'd like to sample into new songs, only to hear them on the radio months later.  Before we had children he attended USC's Music Master's program & founded MixMatters, a company for radio dj's that also promotes artists.  It turned into more of a mix show syndication, however, so we turned it over to his partner Todd, who's a fabulous dj.

At the time Robert Kardasian was his mentor, obviously before he passed away.  So different from his dysfunctional family everyone knows on TV, Robert was loving, smart & supremely grounded in his passions.  He was able to turn his love of music into several different, yet all very successful companies.  He taught D how to take a passion & run with it in business.  Often a song will come on we'll both be reminded of Robert & how he followed his heart.

D is a full-out Papa Bear, & the kids are still surprised every time he goes to work, they so think he's here, just for them. But really D is busy. He's not hanging around here with the stereo on, teaching them music appreciation.  When he gets the kids he heads straight outside for some active Dad & boy time.

I think the music love around here is theirs.  Mahal & I are listening to Rev. Michael Beckwith's Life Visioning Process (my idea of fun), & we heard an interesting idea this morning.  He asked if we are "willing to be joyfully available for the Universe to Broadcast itself through us?"  I love this.  Like if we can be grateful & happy, then we can be the "stereo speakers" for the full expression of Spirit.  (Or be it's hands, in my case.)  What if no ideas are our own?  What if they all belong to "goodness" & we are just the tools? What if the more available we are, then the more creative we are, the more productive, the more able?  This idea believes that our individual expression is still unique, but uniquely the result of us at our most aligned with goodness.

Mahal said, "It's like, Are we willing to really listen?"

I tend to go really far with the thinking.  He distills it to the simplest, loveliest note.


baby djembe

baby djembe fig. 2 ~ jammin'  



kid confidence is amazing ~ they know it all works, it's all music




making, playing & listening to paper instruments (!!)


baby toys? no thank you.  tambourine, please


ear training


music love >>> a desire to write music


bringing it all together