& so...goodbye to all that

yellow week - friday




I've been looking at these pictures all week & thinking, "I'm not going to post this."


I've now looked at them enough times that it's become a little unconscious mantra, "I'm not going to post this, I'm not going to post this."  


When that happens, I know it means I'm feeling confronted.  


Would it sound crazy to say that I'm sometimes very ashamed of these cars?  That instead of being grateful to say that I know them, well, I generally act like they aren't there?  


My loved ones know I've had quite the mixed soup of emotions on the subject of exotics ~ exotic cars, that is.  D loves them. He loves them so much he created an exotic car share.   He's got a perfect eye for details & color & lines.  


Yes, he is a social entrepreneur (aka "green entrepreneur" aka "environmentalist").  No, these certainly don't help the environment.  But they are recycled, & they are shared, so that those who love them can use them without using the extra resources it would take to produce new cars & have them live in each guy's garage.  Or dip into their family expenses by trying to own & upkeep them.  No one knows as well as he does that men who love them will find a way to have them.  


Ideally they would take that saved money & give it away to some meaningful cause.


The business is called "Toccare," which means, "Take your turn" in Italian.  It's a beautiful business.  Look at that license plate.  


Look at these men.  What are they looking at?  

I've gone back & forth ~ am I ashamed?  Am I so proud of D?  Do I think he's absolutely brilliant? Am I embarrased & unable to justify these things in my life?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  & Yes.


I have to admit, that was my boat in the back there.  The Mastercraft X45, which allows me to surf behind it, because it makes actual surfing waves.  I picked out the decals & everything.


Which made for an interesting kind of playdate I certainly didn't have growing up, often resource-poor in San Francisco.


The whole thing has given me much probably unneeded anxiety.

D consulted with extraordinarily conscious & mindful economists when crafting his business plans.  When he questioned the morality & worth of this idea, they said 2 things: 

1.) You have to have joy in what you do
2.) For Americans, the car is the symbol of hope & freedom (I know, now we have new one)


We're really beyond low-key in our lives ~ check out the ramshackle garage.  Which happened to house a Lotus & Porsche 911Turbo.


And...those days are over.  It's a different time for all of us.  The company's not gone.  It's thriving in a whole new way.  It's just not our deal anymore.  I don't miss the cars, & D still gets to keep his love for them.  Now we get to focus on family, friends, & our health.  What's left is memories, pictures & really, how proud of him I am.  What a brilliant idea.  Brilliant.