found: gnome caps!!

yellow week, wednesday

 Look at these teeny, tiny, super wee caps they spotted creek-side. Belonging, obviously, to 4 cold-headed baby gnomies & their parents.

I just left Stefani & her crew this comment regarding their Book of Days:

"Hey Guys, we're so using our Book! Just came back from "tracking" ~ & I can't believe the places we ended up! It's such a great new way to look at our little town. We went to rural areas & went people tracking, first. They found capri suns, secret compost heaps with shovels in them, rope swings, slews they dragged me through, a nest w/ hundreds of red beetles, a cement tunnel w/ boyish proportions & a black hen 15 feet up in a tree ~ I didn't know they could go that high. Tomorrow we'll go downtown, too, before taking a glue gun to our blocks! Thanks!!"

We just had another perfect day with lots of help from them. If you have littles & want to savor every second, then I suggest you get one, too. To be honest, though, these are all things I would do for my own amusement or even with my friends when I was a young adult. There's plenty of ideas for older kids, I think. For instance, we're going on 2 architectural walks tomorrow: one of our neighborhood, filled with many versions of the same mid-century modern home, & then downtown to look at elements used to gain customers' attention. We have a huge basket of old blocks waiting to be glued, drawn on, & even wittled with a knife to help make some of their findings truly their own.

I'm surprised at where this went today. Specifically, after a 6-hour, 6-boy playdate, my guys had me at a mystery park in the super-cold dark, laughing, catching & climbing with them. I don't usually do cold-night-outside-mommying after an already full day. Sounds awful. But it wasn't. It was easy & fun. I had already been through several creeks, through stranger's gardens & picked up Mekhi through lots of tall brush today. I felt alive & present, & happy. The boys really got me, & I got them.