my funny valentine

Well, it's not really funny.  It's more unbelievably yummy.  But, if you know us, than you know that D & I aren't big gift givers to each other.  We've always thought it was most romantic to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with a perfect evening at home, having dinner together, holding hands & you know, just being a little googly-eyed in general.  But he brought home a "little" surprise yesterday.




Yes.  That is a delicious pillow.  That was a gift from our dear friend Ibrahim.  It's the thing behind the pillow.




Isn't that a great button?  I'm in love with that button.  Especially because it lives on my favorite colors ~ poppy + mango.  And my favorite texture.  Raw fabric.




And my favorite thing.  Soft padded corners.  Clean lines.  Vintage.




Did you guess?




Swoon.  This was almost too much.  Almost.  


D & I live in a giant cabin.  It's where we spend 24 hours a day, working & playing, raising, cooking, making & dancing.  I love our rustic-y life, but D knows I'll always be a city girl.  What's romantic today?  Being seen & gotten & celebrated in my own home.  If I was a couch, this would be me.  (And letting my bestest loviest friend know he did a very, very good job.)