alooki love


Every Winter we curl up by the fire with one of our most beloved storybook friends - Alooki, a funny little sister that looks, quite remarkably, so very much like our boys.  They are pretty much sure she's a distant relation.  And she is, I suppose... 

(Do you know this book?  The Three Snow Bears...such a gorgeous book, with illustrations that haunt me a little.  As an illustrator, you have your own style, you know?  But the way she mimics fur, leather & knit makes me want to jump ship & start over.  Gorgeous.)

The boys are fascinated with global houses right now, & we've tried our hand lately with constructing Mongolian Yurts, Railroad Shantees, Brick & Mortar, Fairy Houses...all with a simplified, toddler-friendly style, that is.  True (8) usually takes off & makes his more detailed.  He's into the engineering of it all.  Recently I handed the boys a box of sugar cubes & laid out this image from the book...The little boys have never even seen sugarcubes, & True saw them once when he was performing with Dan Zanes.  Two of his 6 year-old female co-stars ate 12 of them & proceeded to wrestle on the floor for a half-an-hour, so he's aware of their *magic.*

After they were done sampling the goods, they got to work...This is a great science experiment, it turns out. 




 Liquids.  Dissolving.   Mushing.  Sharing.   Crystalization.  Drying.  Oxygenation.  "Wow! It's snow!!  It turns into snow!"  Art.  Beauty.   "Okay!!!  Bath time!  Don't touch anything!!"


 What I didn't know is that is turns rock-hard, making a lovely landscape for something new, & as the days go by it cracks into flake-like designs.  But I'd do it outside.  For sure.