pilipino star lanterns



I so want to give you all a nice tutorial with easily-found materials, but time is quite full right now...but this is a "real-deal," as Free likes to say, "just how we do it at Lola's house" kinda tutorial.  We use bamboo kits, that I promise I'll make available, just not yet...You can make these with thin dowels from the hard ware store, or long strips of balsa if you keep the lanterns small.  Regular old branches make the sweetest ones of all.  Okee...  For each one you need 20 sticks, 5 short sticks of equal length, bitty rubberbands, a glue gun, twisty ties,white glue + something to cover it, like tissue, cellophane, plastic or fabric. 




Using the rubberbands, wrap the long sticks in pairs on one side, leaving 4 single.




Lay out 2 pairs like this.




Angle them to make a "v-heart," weaving the sticks like this.




Add a single stick across, also weaving it & secureends with rubberbands.  "See!"


Secure crossings ("railroad crossings, as Free says...notice his Raiders shirt.  I never thought I'd have a Raiders fan...but there he is, sweet as can be) with twisty ties.  We used silver, to reflect the light.




Put two stars together & adjust them so everything lines up.  Attach the points of both stars with rubberbands.






Use a glue gun to put in cross bars at the crossings.  Make sure to make a mess.






Look at that beautiful photo of my mom's hand.  Something for my wall, I think...




Now go elementary-school-style with the white glue & brushes.  We just let them do whatever they want here...




I put a little "bridge" of popsicle sticks in so I could lay an LED tea light, & left the back open. 




They cover long branches with wired garlands & hand them with monofilament.  In the Philippines, people use all manner of things to light these up, from string lights to projectors.  We tend to just make them really shimmery...  And finish it all up with a night parade in the city...




Here they are.  The boys love nothing more than to swing these things around to see if I can possibly - impossibly - catch a picture.  But here they are.  Love made visible.