advent making with toddlers



Aloha Crafty-Crows!  It's always nice to have you drop in. :)  My sweet D & our big guy took a wee business + football trip to Denver for a few days.  How nice to leave the internet off, the magazines closed & to get to know my little guys without their all-important role models around.  I realized I have no idea what they like - some of it was a huge revelation to me.  There was lots of direction-giving with ideas to fill the tree for Daddy.  Hot apple juice with cinnamon sticks.  Chocolate mate tea with candy cane stirs...      




Pimping out our sycamore pods & pine cones with glitter, mounting our sea-shell collection, adding a few ribbon-wreaths here & there...




Help with the fire..."sticks for the fire, sticks for the fire, we're gonna get some sticks for the fire..."




Putting up a few things we're too big for...(sniff**) 




Keeping the maple syrup, cinnamon & tea out all 100 hours & eating our meals on the kid's counter & kitchen floor with fancy napkins...


And who knew that these stuffies from the neighbor that I 'd wanted to recycle were actually Rudolph & Winter Pooh? 




And that my boyish-of-boys, who promptly removed all play-silks, waldorf dolls & kitchens from their playspace in favor of football game-passes & wristbands, are really all about dressing up their animals?(Thrifted red sweater + an old sock...)  They knew exactly what they needed & they care for them with the most tender little papa gestures.


 And sweet to see my littlest with eachother.  Like this...


Monday morning in their jammies, they wandered into my closet.  Real (1 1/2), with a very concerned expression, "Let's go get Daddy NOW."  Free (4) "YOu miss Daddy & Brother? Yeah?  Let's hug about it!"  Real throws himself into his brother with the giantest of hugs.  Free goes, "Ahh...hahhh."  While patting his brother on the back.  


Making tiny clothes, eating sweets, covering my home in red glitter while watching spontaneous bursts of love & affection.   Bliss.