measuring the last harvest



Children & Gardens :: A Curriculum in:


Joy.  Miracles. Weather.  Life Cycles.  Seasons.  Anatomony.  Botanical Illustration.  Beneficial Relationships.  Pests.  Earth Magic.  Stewardship.  Measuring.  Counting.  Multiplying.  Dividing.  Cooking. Joy.  Subtraction.  Probability.  Physical Education.  Basic Needs Generation.  Color Theory.  Applied Labor.  Inquiry.  Scientific Hypothesis.  Beauty.  Goodness.  Truth.  Right Livelihood.  Sustainability.  Crisis.  Neglect.  New Beginnings.  Patience.  Power.  Humility.










 Did I say Joy?  


I only wish for a green thumb.  My Winter greens grow all year long, regardless of my input.  Thank goodness for Lolas & second homes.  A place where they can plant from seed & seedling, a place to visit & observe, care & remember, & finally, to harvest & measure.  


 It may not be my garden, but I have a few favorite gardening books...


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