bookclub :: pippi longstocking





The mama who created our 6-8 year-old homeschooler's book club created this incredible afternoon in the park.  It began with each child creating a mad-libs-like name for themselves in the style of Pippalotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Daughter of Captain Ephraim the Cannibal King.  So there were names like Keiranlotto Cafeteria Mantelpiece SardineCocoa Son of Mr. Johnson the Carpenter.  She set up a map of Sweden with guidebooks, and made ginger cookies, just like Pippi had, with each & every child's initial, along with one for their siblings!  Then the children had a "book-discussion," an interesting endeavor at this age, where everyone, particularly homeschoolers are in different places.  There's such a range - non-readers with extraordinary comprehension, shy kids, excited kids who want to share but can't remember, indifferent kids, speedreaders, non-communicators, writers.  And she gave everyone just the perfect amount of space to be where they were at.  There was a relay-race with gold coins (pennies!) &  a tea party at the end, complete with a whip-cream cake!  Awesome.  The other day I heard two 6 year-old boys from the book club:"


"He's a CANNIBAL KING! Ha! Do you know that book?"


"Yeah.  I love that story!"