Color Week :: Yosemite

DSC_0391 tunnel view


So it looks like I'll be doing the Color Week this week.  When we went to Yosemite, one of us (can't tell who, I'm afraid) got a mild concussion.  He was checking out a waterfall & bringing back some water to share, when he hit a fallen tree.  We got out of there fine, but he was in a fog for the next week, & we've just been catching up since then.


the boys tell me there's a bear up there.  that black spot, see it?


Tifanie commented on how the color white encompasses all colors.  Indeed.  I'll have to start wearing more white.  We have tiny crystals hanging in certain parts of our house so that the sunlight can hit them, creating wee rainbows across our home.  Aside from being pretty, we like to believe those rainbows represent all possibilities.  They bring in a world of diversity & magic, while also diffusing any energy that's too intense.  It works for us.   D, my brother Franz & I attended Karen Kingston's 3-Day Clutter Clearing, Feng Shui & Advanced Space Clearing Workshop a few years ago.  Each day was so very different - the first day on Clearing Clutter was extremely useful, but really just an edge past "mainstream," nothing you couldn't get from her book.  The next day, which incorporated a Balinese version of Feng Shui, was taught at an entirely different consciousness level, a rung up from everyday learning.  She's the real deal, not out to make friends, but to literally remove blocks & raise the quality of life in one's home & workplace.  And the third day?  Off the hook.  Let's just say that 3 days later I was in a different kind of class, & using a technique Karen taught, I was able to - get this - just stick my consciousness up in the air several feet, then proceed to write out a long menu & grocery list while getting the entire seminar without paying attention.  I was even able to tell where people I knew were sitting in the room of 500 without looking for them.  There's way more to that story, but it's kind of an in-person type of thing.  


D set us up with a picnic on the valley floor.  have you ever seen the sunset on a large-as-life mirror?


This is one of those moments when I'm so aware of the limits of this online format.  Or should I say my own boundaries?  In person, I say all kinds of crazy things, because, as someone who had the chance to unschool growing up, I've seen so much.  And I laugh. A lot.  More than most people.  I naturally go back-&-forth between being very urban, sketchily scattered & totally cerebral.  So it's easy to take myself with a grain of salt, & I'm really comfortable with the range of things I believe, trust & share.  But online.  Well, that's different.  


True just had a book club that featured Pippi Longstocking & I'm always intrigued by her madcap qualities.  Pippi's great imagination has her love life so, she's very human, & has more than enough freckles to leave people feeling authentically engaged.  She leaves people wide-eyed & about 1/3 of the time she says, "Actually.  I'm lying again.  Totally made that up."  She does this for her own amusement, & apologizes afterwards.  She isn't oblivious to her own outlandishness. She is fully self-expressed.  


Like most female bloggers, I consider erasing my blog a couple of times a week.  I'm very sensitive to the diversity of thinkers out there.  I think most people don't believe in many of things I take for granted.  And that they take for granted things I just don't believe.  While I'm committed to being transparent, I'm also afraid sometimes of "going to far" without the context of being together with you, in-person. 





If we could have some tea, I could look you in the eye, know that you aren't so scary & share with you all kinds of things.  But no.  This is why I had turned off the comments, actually.  So that I could connect at a more personal level with email.  But Tif has convinced me to turn them back on. (So be nice!)  I'm trusting that the same forces that have me source, love & support blogs that belong to folks utterly different than me will be at work here, too.  I did start this blog as a reciprocal "thank you" to all you crafting mamas, after all.


So I thought I'd share some images from Yosemite.  There's such a sense of white there, between the vastness of the sky, the shock of El Capitan's cliff face, the waterfalls, & Half-Dome's lunar granite, that I was shocked to discover how little actual white is in these pictures.    The color is missing, but the quality of the color is there.  When I close my eyes & breathe in, I can actually feel the space & the crisp fill my chest as though I'm still there.  In a clear cloud of misted lakes.