breakfast #27 - crepes savory & sweet



I think there are 2 kinds of breakfast people:  Savory.  And sweet.  I am savory.  The other day I was reading the incomparable Mollie Katzen's Sunlight Cafe cookbook, & came upon a list of breakfast foods, categorized by nation.  Ahhh.  Filipinos do, indeed, eat fried rice, fish & vegetables for breakfast every morning.  What?  I really didn't know!!  I was born in San Francisco, to two hard-core American hippies, who just happened to be Filipino, born there, but raised here.  My brothers & I were baptized both in churches & with the dew on the morning leaves.   We've spent our entire lives looking to reconnect, understand & celebrate all Filipiniana.  There's some little Pinay inside me that slapped my shoulder & said, "Hah! Good Job!"  How weird is that?  Like I'm doing a good job, eating the right breakfasts.  In my family we whack each other when something is funny, but I never noticed.  I went to my mom's hometown when I was 17.  At one point there was 21 of us piled into the back of a jeep.  Somebody said something funny, & instantly the whole jeep became musical as everyone slapped everyone else on the back, on their knees, their arms, their heads.  (Hey!)  Every culture has a mood.  Go to the Philippines if you're in the mood for good.  


So while my children hovered around the stovetop this morning, chanting, "More syrup!  More berries!"  I was heating a little lunchy, salty crepe action.  Mmmhh.  This is a lovely Fall breakfast, with the tart-cinnamon backnote as you crunch into farm-fresh spinach, tangy Feta & freshly grated nutmeg.  There's just no comparing ground nutmeg to the on-the-spot stuff, they have an entirely different vibe altogether.  And, we used to be vegan, & so here's a dairyless Feta recipe.


This morning I busted out a crepe pan I had purchased during a mental-health break at the Culinary Institute of America, in Napa, where I go to regroup & rethink.  I've been holding it for months, not wanting to risk any crepe-failure experiments.  And, yeah, you should just go get one, right now.  If you can.  If not, I'd check in with Santa, apply for a grant, call your Auntie.   There's a few things I changed up here from the Basic Crepes recipe, which is in our 30-Day Menu Plan:


1. A correctly-seasoned crepe pan vs. a skillet


2. Coconut oil.  Heats so fast, smells insane & creates that lovely, crunchy laced edge


3. Soy milk vs. coconut milk - just so available.  We just added & stirred until the whole thing looked like double cream.  Add whatever milk you drink.


4. Sweet sorghum flour vs. Everyday Flour.  No reason, just ran out of mix...


5. An extra egg.  When in doubt.  Add an extra egg.


I'll drop the recipe here, but as always, I really think you have to feel it out.  Food is alive & does it's own thing, & you are alive, so you know, dance with your kitchen...


Laced Crepes


2 cups sweet sorghum flour


1 teaspoon xanthum gum


2 eggs


2 cups milk


3 tablespoons coconut butter, + more for cooking


Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with a wooden spoon.  Add more milk if it looks wet, more flour if it looks dry.  It should be like cream.  Heat a crepe pan over medium heat & use your spatula to swirl a teaspoon of coconut oil along the bottom.  Using a 1/4 measuring cup, pour batter into the pan, starting from the center & spreading it in a circular motion to make a thin disc.  It's better to make them smaller, than larger while you get the hang of it.  As the crepe cooks, the edges will dry & peel off the pan a little.  Look for the bubbles.  Turn the crepe over & heat the other side.  Both sides should be golden, but not crispy.  I generally do a little victory dance as the first crepe comes off the pan.  They're easy, but they're just so beautiful.


Raspberry Sauce


2 cups frozen berries


1/4 cup of syrup (we don't need much.  Add as much as you like)


3/4 cup water


1 teaspoon cinnamon


Put all in a saucepan & bring to a boil.  Lower heat immediately, give a stir & let simmer while you make your batter.  Stir every once in a while & break down the berries.  It's ready when it's been reduced to a thick sauce, about 10 minutes.



Spinach Filling


1 bunch of fresh spinach, or 1 bag frozen chopped, thawed & drained


1 cup Feta cheese, broken into bits


plenty of fresh nutmeg, or dried dill


white pepper to taste


Heat spinach & cheese in a small skillet until the Feta begins to soften & blend together. Push the mixture to the side & pour out any liquid.  Add the nutmeg & pepper.  


**The boys said to remind you to add whip cream.  Yeesh.