food as medicine :: Annapurna's


A little bit of Ayurvedic food for thought from Albuquerque's Annapurna, a woman-owned "healing cafe" in Albuquerque.  Although not specifically gluten-free, we had our choice of most items on the very-full, diverse menu.  I really enjoy Ayurvedic practices, meant to balance out an individual's overall composition, but I'm never quite sure about how the food is supposed to taste.  Like, is it okay to add salt?  Or does that defeat the point of the dish?  

 I thought the house made cheese in Korma was fantastic, but I definitely added salt!  Same for the saag, an Indian "creamed curry."  This cafe has a soothing, professionally -bohemian vibe, a vibrant, tangible commitment & food that feels light & nourishing.  Some of the dishes are surprising & interesting, such as the comfortingly familiar pancakes (gf), smothered in mango sauce & shaved coconut.  I'll be heading over whenever I'm in town.  (HAzy pictures...)