Candy Math

Oh, darn!  I've been told I HAVE to remove the picture of the homemade candy store + inventory graph.  Apparently, it's private.  Of course.








There seems to be no end to the sugar-inspired moments around here.  From toddlers sneaking up on the counter to Candy Land, I think they've caught the sugarbug.  Oh, how I long for the days before that first Pinata.  But I am for sure the model for all this, because although the Great Pumpkin came & traded their sweets for "Newer, Favorit-er Candies," I have hidden myself a hefty stash of Twix, Reese's, & Kit Kats.  Let's just call that, "Confessions of a full-out-mama."  I am consuming no less than 7 pieces a day.


Meanwhile we have a "candy shop," inspired by both Pippi Longstocking's shopping spree & Wonka's factory.  (They are begging me to take them to the C&H Sugar Factory.)  The shop is selling a mix of boy-made treats consisting of coffee-filter bon-bons, Wonka Bars & my favorite, turtle-fabric-covered "turtles," as well as family favorites like Organic Lollipops, Sunspire Chocolate-Covered Sun Seeds, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Bits, PEELU Dental Gum & Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles.  I have no shame in the natural foods department, obviously.  But it goes like this.   


Free steals 5 little cocoa bars from his up-high basket.  I catch him & hand him a glass of water & suggest a piece of dental gum.  Within 10 minutes he starts a screaming tug-o-war with his little brother. I offer them both a Rescue Remedy aka, "Medicine Takes," as they call them.  Peace ensues.   They ask for more candy & I direct them to True, who is selling safer candies on the stairwell.  He divies up the treats, charges them for their goods & takes inventory on his mandatory graph.  Every once in a while someone finds a hidden Sunspire "M&M" in those play candies, at which point everyone jumps around singing, "I've got a golden ticket! dadadadadada-dah!"