color week - white



How about this very Californian grub & his friends moving into my silk worm pod from China?  There used to a single, teeny-tiny hole in it.  And now.  Well you can see they've been busy.  It's kind of like re-fashion or recycled habitats at a bug level.


We're playing a little color week over at Noddyboom.  I love that it starts with white - the one color that is all colors.  I used to think that was black, but no.  Black is the absence of color.  Isn't it odd that you can come to both the same way?  But those are the technical definitions, I'm told.  Like everything else, it's good to question...Play with us!




monday :: white


tuesday :: yellow


wednesday :: purple


thursday :: blue


friday :: brown




We had a lovely surprise trip to Yosemite last week, when one of our dearest friends, Ibrahim, married Yasmina, possibly the most graceful & humble lady I've ever met.  Her greatest wish in this life is to be an offering.  A testament to who they are, they told us Tuesday that they were marrying on Thursday, and we arrived to a full wedding.  They were originally going to propose & be married at the top of the Himalayas last year by their mentor, Sadhguru, during a long meditation retreat.  I believe the Chinese government denied entry to their entire group.  So in honor of that image, most of their guests were dripping in beaded & embroidered Indian saris, tunics, dresses & jackets.  A photographer's dream, & of course my camera battery ran out the moment I arrived.  One day I'll have to share it all here.  The boys wanted to know why "everybody was being peacocks?"  The answer?  For fun!


_MG_9943  They were married at the Chateau du Sureau,  which was designed to look like a castle.  Their guests were seated in a circle, a tight  community that calls themselves The BLOB - Be  Love or Bust.  Ibrahim & Yasmina made their  promises in the center of this group, were  married by 4 of their closest friends, & then each looked at every single friend who had traveled to be with them.  The invitation for each person there was to stand for their marriage, to witness, hold &  contain their promises.  This is a wonderful use 
 of community, no?


 They did send us this picture - so evocative of my mood that day.  Happy to see so many friends I haven't seen for years (it was a Santa Barbara + Los Angeles crew), & feisty at being the only one there with 3 young children.  Much more like little dressed-up monsters in an antique castle setting.  These cute teenagers in French Maid outfits kept coming over to fetch our boys so we could be alone with the grown ups. They offered pasta, fruit, movies, a life-size chess board.  But they also were seeing aunties & uncles for the first time in years, & had no intention of missing any of it.  They spent the evening swiping LED candles from the patio & hiding under our table.  And sharing bits from a forgotten baking sheet of truffles sitting on the bar.  


And such interesting conversation.  What a self-expressed group. But another time, when there's pictures...